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Tower Talk: Stand and Deliver
Highway robbery and highwaymen bask in the reputation of being loveable, gallant rogues. John will look at the conditions that led to the 'Golden Age of highwaymen', including some of the dashing highwaymen of Gloucestershire.
27/07/2019 11:30
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Sat, Jul 27
St. Michael's Tower
Plenty of tickets
(BT14) Blood, Fear & the French Resistance

Vichy Franceunder Marshal Petain was an authoritarian regime and a perfect instrument forHitler. With original new research from the Dordogne, leading historian Robert Pike tells the dramatic stories of the FrenchResistance during World War Two – tales of often ordinary people, men andwomen, young and old – who each braved constant danger to play their part indestabilising the Vichy state and rejecting the Nazi occupation of their eternalFrance during a period of betrayal, refusal and heroism.

17/09/2019 14:30
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Tue, Sep 17
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