Whole Lotta Led 2018

Celebrating 50 years of Led Zeppelin

1968 - 2018

In August 1968 fouryoung musicians convened in a small rehearsal room in London and performed anold Johnny Burnette song ‘Train Kept A-Rollin’.

This was the birth of Led Zeppelin.

Little did Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Robert Plant or John Bonham realise atthe time what the future held for them but within a very short period of timethey were the biggest band in the world and despite disbanding in 1980 theystill are.

Throughout 2018 Whole Lotta Led will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of thebirth of Led Zeppelin with a show that will include songs from all of theirstudio albums, ranging from their beautiful acoustic songs to the huge anthemswe have come to know and love.

Now in their 22nd year, Whole Lotta Led are widely regarded as the closest tothe original that you will ever hear with their five piece line-up reproducingthe songs as near to the album versions as possible.

50 years on Led Zeppelin’s influence and importance is as strong as ever, WholeLotta Led are here to demonstrate why.

“You’re getting great reviews, I wish you all the best” Jimmy Page 

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