Whole Lotta Led - 2019


The music of Led Zeppelin performedby Whole Lotta Led


WholeLotta Led return to the Guildhall in Gloucester on 29th November for theirannual end of year show. This has become quite a tradition for theGloucestershire based band who have been touring all over the UK for the pasttwenty-three years.

As well as a few surprises all theusual classics will be there from early days to latter days with Zep’s anthem‘Stairway To Heaven’  being the
highlight for many fans, and with well over 1,500 shows under their belt, WholeLotta Led can safely claim to have performed this song more

timesthan any other band - and that INCLUDES Led Zeppelin!

So get your tickets early as thisband regularly sells out.


“You’regetting great reviews, I wish you all the best” - Jimmy Page

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