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The Style Councillors celebrate "Café Bleu", the seminal debut albumby The Style Council.

The Style Councillors are the world's one and only tribute to TheStyle Council.

Formed in 2013 by Darren Fletcher (Paul Weller) and SteveHayes (Mick Talbot), The Style Councillors have quickly built aloyal fanbase for the group which was Paul Weller's home for the majorityof the 1980's and where he wrote some of his finest songs. DaniClay (Dee C. Lee) and Craig Read (Steve White) are joinedby the Bad Manners Horn Section and a stellar line up ofmusicians hell-bent on recreating the sound of The Style Council.

After the dissolution of The Jam in 1982, Paul Weller joinedforces with Mick Talbot, formerly of The Merton Parkas,Dextys Midnight Runners and The Bureau, to form TheStyle Council. After a string of succesful singles released in 1983 suchas 'Speak Like a Child', 'Money-Go-Round' & 'Long Hot Summer', The StyleCouncil released their debut album 'Café Bleu' to universal acclaimin March 1984. 'Café Bleu' featured favourites such as 'My Ever ChangingMoods', 'You're The Best Thing', 'Headstart for Happiness' and more.

The Style Councillors will be reprising the album in full along with a setof other classics by The Style Council.

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