The Little Prince by Antoine-de-Saint

The little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

A pilot whose plane crashed in the middle of the Saharadesert, thousands of kilometres away from the civilisation, tells of hiswonderful meeting  with a strangevisitor, fragile and genuine,  comingfrom the other end of the universe. His name is the Little Prince.

This is an exciting story about a rose, incredibly beautifuland very proud. Where did she come from? Who sowed her? Where did she grow up?Why the Little Prince has come so far away from his home and what is he lookingfor ? Maybe to learn more about the rose? Or to get to know himself better? Todiscover the  things he loves and thosewhich hurt him?

Children and adults, hear this story about the love thatexists everywhere in the universe, about the hope  that somewhere, somebody waits for you,thinks of you and loves you just as your heart desires.

Duration 80 minutes.

Tickets £12
Doors 5.30pm
Starts 6pm
Performed in Bulgarian language

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Lyuben Kanev is a famous Bulgarian TV and Cinema actor.

He graduated at the National Academy for Theatre and FilmArts in 2010. He is the winner of the Grand Prix of the First International TheatreTheatrical Academy (GATS) in Beijing for his role as Brut in Julius Caesar byWilliam Shakespeare under the direction of Plamen Markov.

He is also the "Best Drama Theatre actor" at theNational Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in 2010. On the stage he debuted atthe Plovdiv Theatre in 2010 as Helmer in "Puppet House" by HenrikIbsen (director Chris Sharkov). He also starred in another performance bySharkov - "The contempt",  thefilm by Jean-Luc Godard and the TV novella by Alberto Moravia in the SfumatoTheatrical Workshop, as well as in Pierre Corney's "Illusion"(directed by Margarita Mladenova and Stilian Petrov). He is also directed theplay "Agents" by David Mamet, part of the repertoire of the ShoumenTheatre with Vladimir Penev . He is the author of the film-theatre show"STOP-the devil pleads guilty", as well as the show"Forgotten". In 2017 Lyuben Kanev announced his third  project "Aquarium People". The showwill again be in the genre cinema-theatre performance. The photos of theproject are made in locations in London and Sofia, Bulgaria.

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The Hall
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Sat, May 4

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