Stephen K Amos: Everyman

It’s easy to feel angry when mad talking heads and evilofficials are looking for any slight difference of opinion to plough open andexploit. We need an everyman to bring people together using the most powerfultool we have: comedy. We need Stephen K Amos.

He’s on a mission to bring about world peace. Or, to atleast bring about an evening of peace, one venue at a time. In an age whenarguments are started over everything from politics to bendy straws, Stephen isrising above the anger to remind us of what we have in common.

Bringing achingly funny anecdotes, hilarious takes on theeveryday and his infectious charm, Stephen K Amos will warm your cold,stiffened hearts. Join together with your fellow man and experience theuniversal language of laughter.



"Comedy at its purest and richest form." TheAdvertiser  ★★★★★



"Amos has the sort of commanding presence andconfidence that could only have come from years of working thecircuit."  Arts Hub ★★★★



'One of the most likable figures in British comedy' RadioTimes



‘Much loved King of stand-up’ North West End ★★★★


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