Sam Avery: Toddlergeddon

Sam Avery:Toddlergeddon



Thetime is 4.17pm. 

No-oneis dressed yet.

Civilisationhas collapsed. 

Lawand order has broken down. 

Thekids are high on sugar.

Theadults have lost control.

Everyconversation is an argument.

Thecoffee has run out. 

Achild scribbles on the wall.

Someonespills a drink.

Everyoneis shouting.

This is Toddlergeddon. 


Join award-winning comedian and bestselling author Sam Avery (AKA The LearnerParent) for an evening of hilarious stand up, brand new for 2020. How do youraise a toddler with more attitude than Kanye West? Can you negotiateeffectively with a pre-schooler who knows you’re clueless? And will any of ussurvive Toddlergeddon?


'Quick wit and painfully funny' METRO


'A gifted storyteller' THE LIST

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