Parasite – Black & White Edition (15)

In Korean with Englishsubtitles

After its extraordinary success in Cannes, at the Oscars, Golden Globes, BAFTAs, and Independent Spirit Awards, the brilliant Palme d’Or-winner Parasite returns to cinemas in this special black-and-white version, as envisioned by director Bong Joon Ho. Instead of opting for a simple digital bleaching, Bong Joon Ho worked with a colorist and cinematographer to make sure each scene retained its texture.

The Kims are living a marginal life when their son fakes his way into becoming the English tutor for the ultra-wealthy Park family. Soon all four of the family members have roles in their hyper-stylish modern home, having used every dirty trick in the book. But the house hides secrets that are way outside the Kim's scheme.


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